#OITNB “Thirsty Bird”

I’m going to jump right in by giving a quick overview of Orange is the New Black season 2 episode 1 before getting into some discussion questions.

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Orange is the New Blacks premiere episode of Season 2 “Thirsty Bird” shows Piper in a moral dilemma between right and wrong. The episode opens with main character Piper Chapman in solitary confinement after her brawl with Tiffany aka “Pennsatucky” in the season 1 finale. She is unsure what the consequences of her most recent rebellion will be. Before she learns anything Piper is moved out of Litchfield penitentiary, she doesn’t know where she’s going or why. After taking a van, bus, and plane she finally lands at another correctional facility in Chicago.

Piper learns she has been moved to Chicago temporarily in order for her and her former girlfriend/fellow inmate Alex Vause to stand trial in the case against Kubra Ballic. (Quick background from Season 1: Piper is serving a prison sentence for helping traffic drug money for her former girlfriend Alex, Alex is the former employee of big time drug smuggler Kubra.) Prior to the trial Alex warns Piper not to give any information about Kubra or her life will be in danger.

Throughout the episode we see flashbacks of Pipers childhood. In flashback scenes we learn about when Piper whiteness’ her father cheating. These scenes of Pipers early life are giving the audience a peak at Piper’s moral foundation. In a scene with young Piper and her grandmother the grandmother says, “Sometimes it’s not a matter of right and wrong it’s about making a choice that will cause the least amount of pain to others.”

Do you agree with this statement?

Who do you think was a greater influence on Pipers decision to lie on the stand? Alex or the influence of her family upbringing?

Do you think Piper did the right thing in the trial?


2 thoughts on “#OITNB “Thirsty Bird”

  1. I love the fact that you used an image from the show to enhance what you wrote about and to immediately grab the interest of the viewer. Great! What I believe needs some work is attention to spelling/grammar. The top blogs always seem to be very on top of grammar/spelling whether or not you agree with what the content is. So that definitely will need to be worked on. You did a great job on the recap but I am thinking that since we are in an age when it os particularly hard to miss episodes of anything, thee should be less emphasis on a recounting of the events of any particular episode and more emphasis on plot and character analysis… Today’s consumers of content seem to be much more sophisticated and will demand a lot from a blog that they will take the time to go and visit. They also like to consider themselves to be a little bit smarter than average so doing the blog in a much more analytical manner would be the way to go.

    I think there should be slink from the “About” section to the post. Also, in the About section, could you extrapolate on what it is about netflix’ series in particular that stands out in your mind in such a way that you would want to cover them to the exclusion of all else? There is also a lot of room here for inductry coverage in terms of the growth of digital production and consumption of scripted content that I think your readers would love you to force them to think about. Since you are doing Netflix series, it also gives you the space to explore a lot of socio-cultural issues against the backdrop of the various dries on this platform. So I think that your choice of community is clever, and has a lot of room to go in a wide variety of interesting, sustainable directions!

  2. I love this show and feel like this episode is incredibly underrated. I am glad you wrote about it! It definitely shows Piper’s odd moral compass, that was once correct, but tainted by the Alex situation. I personally think Piper’s decision to lie on the stand was both the big female figures in her life. Alex was the only person who Piper truly had a connection with, as well as with her grandmother. Both of these women, whom she had incredible respect for, both told her to stay quiet and she did. Alot of people do not take Piper’s mental health into account either, which I think is a HUGE part of the series. Piper is changing from a WASP to a hardened criminal, and it is really evident!

    I am so happy you wrote about this! Great first post!

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