Looking for Something to Watch?

Summer isn’t typically the best time for TV. Network shows are on hiatus till the fall, and there are only so many reruns and reality shows one can watch before losing their mind a little. If you’re already caught up on Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards and looking for something different I suggest checking out one of the other Netflix original series like Hemlock Grove or Lillyhammer.

Hemlock Grove is a Horror/Thriller series created by Eli Roth, best known for directing Hostel. The series begins with the brutal murder of a young teenage girl, in a small Pennsylvania town. Unsure of the cause for the vicious attack the show follows main characters Roman Godfrey, played by Bill Skarsgard and Peter Rumancek, played by Landon Liboiron as they investigate the murder of their fellow classmate. I began watching this series this past week, from what I’ve seen so far it reminds me a bit of a mix between American Horror Story and True Blood. If you like paranormal/science fiction style shows I think you like this. Netflix released the second season of Hemlock Grove this week.

Lillyhammer may be one of the lesser known Netflix series but was actually Netflix’s first released original series in 2012. The show originally aired on Norwegian television before coming to Netflix. The series stars Steve Van Zandt, former cast member of The Sopranos and musician for the E Street Band, as a NYC mobster moved to Lillehammer, Norway. I have yet to check out this series but I think it could be an interesting fish out of water type situation with a gangster twist. For anyone who liked the Soprano’s this is one to check out. The series had 2 seasons now streaming on Netflix with a 3rd to come in January 2015.

These series should help get you though till September when the network shows return. Let us know what you think. To read more check out this article from Crushable: http://www.crushable.com/2014/07/11/entertainment/the-other-netflix-original-series-hemlock-grove/



One thought on “Looking for Something to Watch?

  1. My husband and I watched the first two or three episodes of Lilyhammer and couldn’t really get into it, although I really wanted to like it. It was one of those shows where we kept looking at each other and asking ‘was that supposed to be funny?’. It had some moments, but not enough to keep us watching. I’d be interested to hear what you think.

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